Our Mother's Day Pedicure Gift Set is back in stock by popular request.  Each Pedicure gift set includes a pedicure loofah soap, pedicure sugar scrub, lotion stick and an ultra size bathbomb. $20


Azevah in 2021

Welcome to Azevah Skincare, a handcrafted bath and body company.

We're a family business that make beautiful bath and cosmetics products - and have been since 2018! Our business consists of Angeline, mother and the Registered nurse who creates all of the products, makes the essential oil blends that are used in our products and ensures quality ingredients are used in each product. Zac, my son and Alastair, my father help out with markets and both use all of our products.  We use only the finest ingredients, ensuring each ingredient is fair trade,COSMETIC GRADE and when available organic.  

At Azevah Skincare we hand make everything from scratch and 

All of our products are cruelty free, SLS, and paraben free and truly natural- that means no chemical additives that our products just don't need, which sometimes means more work for us to craft a better product!

Our products are geared towards sensitive skin, safe for all ages to use.

 We absolutely love what we do, and hope you do too.

MINI bathbombs

MINI bathbombs



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