Shampoo Bars and transitioning your hair away from regular shampoo

We have recently introduced shampoo bars to our line after several requests. We have added 6 new products related to hair: our shampoo bars for women, shampoo bars for men, beard shampoo bars, beard oil, hot oil packs and rosemary detoxer for hair.

When Zac transitioned over to shampoo bars, his hair was immediately happy, as if it had been waiting for the change. His hair was shiny, with more body and "looked healthy".

My hair did not feel the same way. For the first time in 47 years, I had greasy hair. It felt almost waxy. I immediately started using the rosemary detoxer on my hair and noticed a great improvement immediately. I share this so if you too decide to switch over to shampoo bars, you will be set up for success. It is for this reason, we include the rosemary water detoxer with first purchases of the shampoo bars. Simply add 1 tablespoon of the rosemary baking soda paste to 1 cup of warm water and apply to hair then rinse.


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