What bath Bombs should never contain and why

Often you will find bath bombs in various locations that contain products that should never be put into your beauty regime. One of my statements that I tell customers is: JUST BECAUSE IT IS IN YOUR PANTRY, DOESN'T MEAN IT GOES IN YOUR BATH!"

Here are the top ingredients to beware of in bath bombs:

1) Cream of tartar- Or potassium bitartrate, aka potassium hydrogen tartrate or tartaric acid. It's a dry, powdery, acidic byproduct of fermenting grapes into wine. When combined with baking soda, it becomes a leavening agent (the stuff that makes baked goods puff up in the oven) by producing carbon dioxide gas.

2) Talc- talc, which has a direct correlation to ovarian cancer.”

3)Fake food dyes aren’t just a risk in foods. Yes many people are using FOOD DYES in bath bombs instead of Micas. A breakthrough 2013 Slovenian study found that your skin can actually absorb these toxic dyes, particularly through recently shaven skin and the mucous membranes. From there, the dyes are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, instead of being broken down in the gut or detoxed through the liver. (5)Common dyes used in bath bombs have been shown to cause allergy-like reactions and symptoms of ADHD in children. Some are contaminated with cancer-causing substances, while other test tube and animal studies link certain popular food dyes to neuron damage and a higher risk of brain cancer. Certain yellow dyes may even increase the risk of adrenal and kidney cancers. These are NOT risks I’m willing to take just for the sake of a fizzy bath.

4)- Alcohol- Many bathbomb makers use alcohol to set their bathbombs and do not list it in their ingredients. Azevah uses an alcohol free witch hazel which is amazingly skin loving! (Check out our blog on why we love witch hazel).

5) Epsom Salts- According to the Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM), magnesium sulfate depresses the central nervous system. Ditto for the lungs and respiratory system.In addition, it can cause flushing (of the skin, not the toilet) and sweating. It also dilates the blood vessels. This, in turn, decreases blood pressure.Sounds like a good thing that it lowers blood pressure, right? Well, not exactly.Consider that 1 in every 3 American adults have high blood pressure. Many of these 30 million or so people take medication to control high blood pressure.Consequently, one of the greatest Epsom salt detox bath side effects is dangerously low blood pressure.This is especially true if you are on antihypertensive medication. That’s because combining a salt bath with the medication may cause your blood pressure to precariously dip. If you use too much, you can have mild gastrointestinal upset. This includes nausea, abdominal cramping and/or diarrhea.But Epsom salt detox bath side effects can be more serious. For instance, you can have an allergic reaction such as a rash or hives.Or you can have breathing difficulties or chest tightness. In addition, too much Epsom salt can produce swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue.Furthermore, you can feel dizzy. Your heartbeat can become irregular. You can even experience muscle paralysis or weakness. Still, serious side effects of Epsom salt can occur with the recommended dosages, though they are rare in this instance.Moreover, if you have kidney disease or dysfunction, it might be a good idea not to take a salt bath.That’s because magnesium is processed by the kidneys. And if your kidneys are too weak to process magnesium, toxic levels can build up of the mineral.And if you’re taking certain medications, first ask your doctor if it’s safe to soak in it. This includes, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. DETOX BATH WITH EPSOM SALT: BIGGEST BENEFITGetting more magnesium absorbed into your body is the biggest benefit of an Epsom salt bath. And if you suffer from constipation, the laxative effect is also a huge bonus.But make sure the toilet is accessible because of soaking for just 30-minutes, it might be time to go. If you don’t have to go shortly after the bath, be patient; it can take up to several hours to work.HOW MUCH EPSOM SALT FOR DETOX BATH?It doesn’t take much for it to work. And if you’re not used to it, don’t be tempted to add more than the dosage.As you can read above, Epsom salt detox bath side effects are a possibility.Report this adAll it takes is 2 cups of magnesium sulfate. Save money on it buy buying a large bag (20 lb.) from a hardware or gardening store.To enhance the Calgon luxurious effect, add 10 drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil. For best results, filter the water in your bathtub. If that’s not possible, adding a cup of baking soda can help negate the potentially harmful effects of chlorine and other chemicals.Just remember that too much magnesium can have unpleasant effects to say the least. In the most extreme cases, it can put you into a coma and kill you.Magnesium toxicity is a serious Epsom salt detox bath side effect. It’s more common in people with impaired kidneys. But it can happen in those with normal-functioning kidneys as well.If you have digestive issues, (especially, gastrointestinal motility) it can put you at greater risk for toxicity.The statistical chances of experiencing Epsom salt detox bath side effects are probably as low as getting bit by a shark. That being said, though, it helps to know if the water is safe to enter….So with this information, we will not put epsom salts in our bathbombs!

6) No Coconut oil, No Canola oil- Coconut oil is trending in allergies as it is becoming more prevalent in skincare products due to its affordability for the producer. Canola oil is slowly absorbed by skin, so leaves the skin feeling oily.

7) Cornstarch- Great for gravy, not for your skin. Why? Cornstarch is a food source with no preservatives, so when exposed to moisture it can breed fungal or bacterial substances. Bathing in this, may lead to urinary tract infections and yeast infections. Plus, there's a greater risk for an allergic reaction, since cornstarch is a food-based powder, not a mineral based powder.

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